Current Version: 1.4.1



Download: Installer Package

Install instructions:

  1. Install JK2 either from CD or from Steam and run the multiplayer at least once.
  2. If JK2 is installed from CD, get the 1.04 patch and install it (the Steam version is already patched).
  3. Install JK2MV.

JK2MV doesn't touch your "normal" JK2 at all. It doesn't use your configs from it nor does it read maps / skins etc. from it. It just needs the game files.

There is a directory "jk2mv" in your users Documents into which your configuration files are saved to.

There is also a portable version available (if you have jk2 installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\" the portable version can't save configs).


  • Windows XP SP3 or newer
  • 256MB RAM


Download: Disk Image

Install instructions:

  1. Get the App Store or Steam version of JK2.
  2. DragNDrop the JK2MV app and run it. If you have the JK2 app somewhere else then the /Applications or Steam directory, you have to make sure it sits side by side (in the same directory) with your JK2MV app.


Requires macOS 10.9 or newer.


Debian / Ubuntu / Mint: i386 (32-Bit) amd64 (64-Bit)

Fedora / OpenSuse: i386 (32-Bit) amd64 (64-Bit)

Install instructions:

  1. Buy JK2 via Steam / AppStore on Windows / MacOSX or use the CD version.
  2. Copy assets 0,1,2,5 to either /usr/share/jk2mv/base or /home/YourUserName/.jk2mv/base.


In case your distribution is not deb/rpm compatible, you can always build jk2mv from source.

Dedicated Server

Download: Dedicated Server (all platforms / architectures)


In Short: Use it exactly as you would use the old jk2ded, except that you can easily choose which gameversion to host with the mv_serverversion cvar.

Sourcecode and Development

License: GPLv2 (

Contributing: We are a really small team, visit us on IRC #jk2mv @ QuakeNet or Discord for development related discussion.

JK2MV on Github