JK2MV Client

Version: 1.4.1



  • Requires Steam or App Store version of JK2.
  • Works on macOS 10.9 and up.


  • Works on Ubuntu 16.04 / Fedora 25 or up.
  • 64bit builds.

Install Instructions


  1. Install JK2 from CD or from Steam and run the multiplayer at least once.
  2. In case you installed from CD, install the 1.04 patch.
  3. Install JK2MV.

The portable versions should only be used by experienced users.



  1. Get the App Store or Steam version of JK2.
  2. DragNDrop the JK2MV app and run it. If you have the JK2 app somewhere else then the /Applications or Steam directory, make sure it sits side by side (in the same directory) with your JK2MV app.
  3. Run the JK2MV App.



  1. Buy JK2 via Steam / App Store on Windows / macOS or use the CD version.
  2. Copy assets 0,1,2,5 to either /usr/share/jk2mv/base or /home/YourUserName/.jk2mv/base (recommended).
  3. Install the JK2MV package matching your distribution. Official builds only support Ubuntu and Fedora but may also work on compatible systems.
  4. Run JK2MV.

For other distributions or 32bit architectures, build JK2MV from source. (It's easy and quick)

JK2MV Server

The jk2mvded can be used as a drop-in replacement for jk2ded executables. You can use the mv_serverversion cvar to switch between gameversions.

Read the Server-Hosting documentation for more detailed information.


The sourcecode is hosted on Github. Development related discussion is mostly taking place on this Discord channel.

Please report bugs on the Github issue tracker.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute, join us on Discord!

Maintainers: Daggolin, fau, ouned

License: GPLv2